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    We Help you to find the right condo for rent and houses for sale Bangkok

    Golden Gate Asia Company, Ltd is the trading name for the Thai Registered company Golden House & Land Agent Co., Ltd. The company has been in business since year 2000.

    Our Mission statement: To serve the Expatriate community in Bangkok by assisting in home searches with honesty and integrity.

    Houses for sale Bangkok:
    We are able to help in the search for houses for sale through our extensive network of contacts in Bangkok.

    Houses for sale Bangkok are plentiful but can vary in price enormously depending on location. Even within the same soi prices can vary dependent on the age of the property and the reputation of the developer. New houses will obviously cost more than older houses for sale Bangkok but an older house closer to public transport will command a premium as land values will be substantially higher. Ownership of houses for sale Bangkok is strictly for the local Thai people as foreigner's are prohibited from owning land or property. Therefore to purchase the house title deeds will need to be registered in the name of a Thai citizen

    The types of houses for sale Bangkok are as follows:
    Single Houses can generally be found outside of the main business, shopping and entertainment areas on the outskirts of the city. Many large and small compounds of houses can be found in the BangNa and Srinakarin areas. Many of these houses have large gardens and some have a swimming pool.

    Town houses for sale Bangkok can generally be found throughout the city as many are used as home/offices or sometimes as Spa's or restaurants. These can vary in height from 2-5 storeys and may have a roof garden. They tend to have a parking space in front of the house and maybe a small outdoor area at the back. The ground floor may be the kitchen area, the second floor the living area with the third and fourth floors as bedrooms. The fifth floor or roof garden may be the wash / maid's area.

    Shop houses for sale Bangkok can also be found throughout the city but mainly facing the main roads or streets as they are used both as a home and as a commercial premises or shops. The family business will operate on the ground floor facing the road and the upper floors will be the living area.
    Houses for sale Bangkok
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